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About Us

As our name states we are based in St. Petersburg, Florida.  We are four local sax players who got together one day to form the St. Petersburg Sax Quartet (aka the St. Pete Sax Quartet).  Our repertoire includes Jazz, Classical, and Popular arrangements.  We perform in hotels, museums, small clubs, private parties , and weddings .  

Saxophone Quartets include the four popular saxophones - Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone.  The four voices come together to form rich harmonies - think String Quartet or Church Choir.  A variety of music is written for sax quartets to include classical transcriptions, orchestral works, and a collection of modern/popular pieces.  

A sax quartet can play a host  of venues.  You may see us at a museum or a fine hotel.  We are also quite comfortable performing in small clubs, weddings, private parties and public events.


We have a special program for retirement communities and community centers as well.  


We'd love to play at your event.   

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